We build websites that work as hard as you do (even when you’re sleeping)

You’ve poured your heart and soul — and time and money — into building your business. You’re ready for an online presence that gets you noticed.

OUR business is delivering customers to YOUR virtual door with great website design. We hook you up with a look that captures your highest vision, and we get you rocking on social media.

Your success is our reward.

We are husband-and-wife team Stephen and Christine Parslow. We live — and love — small business. We’ve been at it ourselves for over 15 years, starting three tech companies and, most recently, a small organic farm at our home on Vancouver Island.

We know your plate is full. You want someone to expertly steer every aspect of your website’s design and build. We don’t mess around. We’re design and implementation pros who ask all the right questions about what your website needs to do for you, who your customers are and what builds their trust.


Stephen at Wedgemount Lake

Stephen comes to the West Coast from New Zealand. His design work is informed by his background in art and architecture and by his love for trail running, cyclocross racing, mountain biking, farming and trekking in the backcountry. He has been heard to say:

“Design is not just aesthetic; it’s a problem-solving approach to life.”
“Step back and reframe problems. It’s not about designing a better kettle, it’s about designing a better way to boil water.”


christine by the ocean

Born on the East Coast, Christine was transplanted to Vancouver Island as a seedling. She spent her childhood crafting, creating and designing. Every B&B project benefits from her business savvy, eye for detail and “menacing” insistence on usability. She has been heard to say:

“It has to work!”
“Colour is your friend. So is white space. They hang out.”
“My dream office would be working on my laptop out of a tent in the backcountry.”

We both love working with people who are truly passionate about their business, including (but definitely not limited to): coaches, small food producers, outdoor enthusiasts, adventure guides, writers, lodges, indie operators, and other rabble-rousers and ethical entrepreneurs.



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