Website Maintenance

Why does your website need maintaining?


We build our client’s sites using WordPress, a popular and powerful web-software toolkit. WordPress has an “administration interface” that allows you to manage and update your site. But the WordPress software itself needs to be updated regularly to keep your data secure. Along with the need for updating, websites can also develop pesky issues that keep them from running well.

We recommend checking on your site every three months to install updates and fix issues. Keeping your site updated helps protect you against hacking and data theft and keeps your site trouble free.

You can do this updating and maintenance yourself, but if it sounds like a headache, we can take it off your to-do list with our Sleep Soundly plan.

Our Sleep Soundly maintenance plan includes:

  • Checking on your site four times a year and installing any updates and security fixes your site needs.
  • Doing weekly backups of your website data so if your site gets hacked or there’s a web server failure, we can restore your site back to normal.
  • Giving you two hours per year of our time to fix any issues with your site, restore from a backup, or make any fun site changes you’d like.

If you are hosting with us, we’ll bundle in our Sleep Soundly plan for $30/month (that’s a $5 savings each month!).

If you have your site hosted elsewhere, we offer Sleep Soundly for $25/month.

Contact us about your site maintenance.


Website Hosting

In case you’re asking, “What the heck is website hosting and why do I need it?” we’ll explain.

Your site needs a place to “live” on the internet. This is called “hosting.” Your site can only be viewed if it is hosted on a computer server in a data center connected to the internet. Thousands of companies provide this hosting for a fee.

If you’d like to host your site with us without our Sleep Soundly plan we host most sites for $10/month.


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